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From January 1939 through December 2015, employment across sectors has risen and fallen at varied rates.

Employment in one sector has shown a net decline over this period, while employment in other sectors has grown much faster than total nonfarm employment.

Government reduced its share of net employment growth during this period, while private service-providing industries added relatively more jobs.

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However, annual job growth has fluctuated over the period.

This section examines selected sectors during this period.

Employment in the mining and logging sector declined by an annualized rate of 0.2 percent, but the industry has experienced strong trend changes.

By September 1948, employment had risen to a peak of more than 1 million jobs, then started a longrun decline that lasted through 1972.

After this decline, rapid job growth ensued and employment in the sector reached an alltime high of 1.3 million in November 1981 mainly because of gains in oil and gas extraction.

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