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She pointed out pale fluorescent mauve sacred datura, with strange trumpet-shaped petals.

Pollinated by hawk moths at night, it’s poisonous, she said.

The natural variegations, imperfections and color modulations add to the walls’ pale beauty. The walls of the suites are also integral-color panel-formed concrete.

They look like sandstone, and feel smooth and silken to the touch.

Constellations and favorite stars are clearly visible, with a rare sense of deep space, and our tiny planet like a speck of sand in the infinite void.

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Chefs are preparing fresh ingredients all day in the open kitchen, making varieties of bread (the rosemary bread is especially wonderful), and glorious salads and sandwiches for lunch.

His next assignment: to shoot a Libeskind apartment in Denver for Wallpaper*.

Molecular Gastronomy has been all over the news lately, mostly due to Ferran Adria announcing that he would temporarily be closing his El Bulli restaurant in Roses, Spain.

I’ve heard from friends who recently stayed at Amangiri that it has become popular with Hollywood types like Meg Ryan and Rob Reiner, and design/style/publishing talents like Prosper and Martine Assouline. They collaborated with Adrian Zecha, the legendary guiding force of Aman, to keep the architecture understated but luxurious, and to integrate it seamlessly within the surrounding landscape.

The concept was to build a kind of desert fort to provide a sense of peace and a feeling of front-row seats to observe winter snowfalls, spring wild-flowers, sunset light, delicate sunrise. Exterior and interior walls are made of integrated-color board-formed concrete mixed with sandstone, pebbles and stones, and clay from the region.

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