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She was good at empathizing with the victims, who were overwhelmingly women.They sank down on separate couches in their living room. The attacker had been cunning, attempting to erase any traces of DNA from the scene. “I basically had 20 minutes to pack my stuff and go.” Until something more permanent could be found, Marie moved in with Shannon Mc Query and her husband in Bellevue, a booming, high-tech suburb east of Seattle.And she would have to pay 0 to cover the court’s costs. In the snow, they found a trail of footprints leading to and from the back of the apartment through an empty field. An investigating officer had to figure out if the victim was telling the truth. “A lot of times people say, ‘Believe your victim, believe your victim,’” Galbraith said.They spraypainted the prints fluorescent orange to make them stand out, then took pictures. “But I don’t think that that’s the right standpoint. And then corroborate or refute based on how things go.” At home, her husband David had done the dishes and put the kids to bed.

Between one-fourth to two-thirds of rapists are serial attackers, studies show. But there was a clincher: the woman in Galbraith’s case had remained as focused as possible during her ordeal, memorizing details. Careful, diligent, exacting — she complemented Galbraith.

Launched the year before, the program was designed to help young adults who had grown up in foster care transition to living on their own. She was a little scared, but any trepidation was tempered by a sense of pride.

Case managers would show participants the dos and don’ts of shopping for groceries, handling a credit card, buying insurance. Best of all, Project Ladder provided subsidized housing, with each member getting a one-bedroom apartment. She moved into the Alderbrooke Apartments, a woodsy complex that advertises proximity to a mall and views of the Cascades.

The victim had described him as a “gentleman,” Galbraith said. He told his wife to call his department first thing in the morning. And Zoloft is an adult drug — I was on that at 8.” Marie has two brothers and a sister on her mother’s side. “We were really sad that we weren’t able to have her with us,” Shannon says. I had a crib — and they gave me a 16-year-old,” Peggy says, with a laugh. I have a background in mental health and I’ve been working with kids for a really long time. “She was very bubbly and full of energy, but she also had her moments where she could be very intense,” Peggy says. She picked out a feminine white coat with a fur collar because she thought that’s what girls were supposed to wear, but then kept the coat in the closet when she realized it wasn’t. “I would spend hours at the beach watching the sunset go down and that was one of my favorite things.

Sometimes she was placed in foster homes with her siblings. No one really explained why she was being moved, or what was going on. After Marie became a teenager, her years of upheaval appeared at an end. “I really loved the family and I made a lot of friends,” Marie says. Marie left Shannon’s home after a couple of weeks to move in with Peggy Cunningham, who worked as a children’s advocate at a homeless shelter and lived in Lynnwood, a smaller suburb about 15 miles north of Seattle. And I think the agency just thought, ‘She can handle it.’ So.” At first, Marie didn’t want to live with Peggy. Recognizing that Marie’s high school wasn’t a great fit — “pretty cliquey,” Peggy says — Peggy found an alternative school that was. She remained close with Shannon, who would joke that she and Peggy were raising Marie together — Shannon the fun one Through friends, Marie met Jordan Schweitzer, a high school student working at a Mc Donald’s. There was a particular photo that I really liked that she took.

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