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For the deer hunters that is one thing that always lingers in the back of your mind as you are heading out to your spot.

Someone else out there with a gun and not enough sense to ensure they are shooting at a deer and not another person... I've been in many apple orchards before dawn and, well, you know the rules, it's not enough to 'hear' a deer we have to actually SEE the animal.

In the late 1970's Virginia made it mandatory for all hunters, before licensing, to undergo a hunter safety course - just a few hours - and it drastically reduced the 'first day' hunter deaths and injuries.i agree with dh, they need to do something about the deer thats close to or in the city , they do alot of damage.

Your date......a good shot with the 20G.....did ya do with your shotgun.....ummmm never mind i dont need to know that...lollol at ahhhh, you didnt like the tail in the bed. i assume al and his brother....i cant think of his name...still own it???

I was amazed, never seen one in Ohio nor was my county or surrounding counties on the list.. my last name..son is the 5th generation sausage maker......hates it, but needless to say both my sons are skinning deer for the next few weeks. But it is really cool to watch the whole process going on there, lots of Al's friends are all chefs around town here (we eat well) and the wine reps (drink well too) they all come out to help at times. Got to love the good timesahhh, what a small world it is.

When I did hunt (back in my Virginia days) I did, once, take a date out to the cornfields for dove season.....and, a little more.

She was quite a shot with the 20anyone needs to know where to go to get their deer processed my former husband owns a business where they do that over on Greenlawn Ave.

i told my oct we have to start that back up again, it way to fun and we were having close to 100 people and friends..was an awesome time.when we butcher, we take the sides there to get them smoked and take deer meat to get the sausage made, i love going in that place..smells awesome.but do not go in there on an empty stomach unless you wanna spend alot of money cause you will want everything.Kevin, when my youngest son was about 10 he skinned his first deer, the night before he had watched Bambi........on the back dock there would be a pile of deer parts, he would sneak them home to see how I would say I did not care for the tail in my bed It is very unfortunate someone gets shot every opening morning of deer gun season..It wasnt even daylight when that guy shot, there's no way he could see what he was shooting at.

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