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Winner — because there be a clear winner — buys drinks afterward.2. Your order: a bottle of inhibition-melting Madeira and a chocolate cake to share (or your own; whichever). For the uninitiated, get there before noon and do try the chicken feet if you've got an adventurous side to show off (if not, there are lots of dumplings). Feel an adrenaline rush while indoor rock-climbing. Heat things up quick at one of the Asian-bathhouse-inspired spas cropping up in major cities (your first road trip may be necessary, but trust us on this one).For dessert, you won't need to wander far for egg custard tarts and bubble tea.4. Test your compatibility in the kitchen and settle in for a night of -style shenanigans making this bone-warming dish (click here for New York chef David Chang's famous ramen noodle recipe and here for the all the fixins'). There's a reason why rock-climbing is a trust-building activity among smallish corporate teams. You'll spend the day navigating the steam chambers, jet-streamed public pools, and heated private ones.Making time for each other, even when it seems inconvenient, is crucial to dating your spouse.

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For some of us it is, but preserving that bliss doesn't come naturally.

Whether you’re headed out for a first date, or been married for years, these fall date ideas are the perfect way to celebrate the seasonal weather As a Couples Therapist and Dating Coach, I help couples increase their relationship satisfaction by implementing a more strategic dating life.

Capitalizing on love research to get the most out of your date night is a surefire way to have a hot and thriving love life.

Pick a sunshiny beautiful day to frolic in the orchards together, canoodle behind a tree, and help each other reach the highest bunches.

Plus, sunlight makes you happy, so soak it up before you go into winter hibernation mode.

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