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Bela designed it to look like a weapon based on the theory Trey Spruance related to her of how "instruments are the weapons of angels".

I got mermaid sprinkles on my donut sandwich and Vanessa got the galaxy sprinkles on hers.Her first major job was an interview with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, she had been told by the paper to just cover the show but upon seeing her Trent Reznor introduced himself and offered her an interview and allowed her to use his recorder to record it and she accepted, he later invited her to the opening of the very first Lollapalooza as his guest and reporter.She started her first magazine in 1998 while attending college at The University of Houston where she majored in theatre with a minor in Literature and independent studies in photography and playwriting.After releasing her first album, which she had recorded at home on a small recorder, she started playing live shows.She joined the supergroup Pigface briefly in 2004 after an invite from bandleader Martin Atkins to play drums with his band after he saw her performance of her music as an opening act for his show.

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