Redmine repository not updating

Please check the mission statement for the corresponding team first, to ensure you're not asking them to do something that's outside of the scope of their job. Please check these views once in a while and talk to us!

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Redmine accesses repository copies which are updated using a cron task.

If either of you forget the set-up, please contact me!

If you need to do something in Redmine and you appear to lack the needed credentials, please ask [email protected] give you more power.

I believe that part of my problem may stem from the fact that I don't really know the user that redmine actually runs under as there is no redmine user as I have used bitnami so some things are a bit different. I feel like I have come so far but I just can't get over this last hurdle and need a little assistance.

EDIT#1: For extra points, is it possible to use gitlab's wiki git repo that is automatically made for each project in redmine.

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