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A design for ice core augers was patented in 1932 and they have changed little since.An auger is essentially a cylinder with helical metal ribs (known as flights) wrapped around the outside, at the lower end of which are cutting blades.Below this depth, electromechanical or thermal drills are used.The cutting apparatus of a drill is on the bottom end of a drill barrel, the tube that surrounds the core as the drill cuts downward.These data can be combined to find the climate model that best fits all the available data. Coastal areas are more likely to include material of marine origin, such as sea salt ions.Greenland ice cores contain layers of wind-blown dust that correlate with cold, dry periods in the past, when cold deserts were scoured by wind.

The physical properties of the ice and of material trapped in it can be used to reconstruct the climate over the age range of the core.These include soot, ash, and other types of particle from forest fires and volcanoes; isotopes such as beryllium-10 created by cosmic rays; micrometeorites; and pollen.The lowest layer of a glacier, called basal ice, is frequently formed of subglacial meltwater that has refrozen.The proportions of different oxygen and hydrogen isotopes provide information about ancient temperatures, and the air trapped in tiny bubbles can be analysed to determine the level of atmospheric gases such as carbon dioxide.Since heat flow in a large ice sheet is very slow, the borehole temperature is another indicator of temperature in the past.

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