Updating xml file using xquery

The Validate method will accept a schema object and an event handler for validating the XML file against the XSD.Output Advantages of LINQ to XML Conclusion There are many advantages and disadvantages of using LINQ technology.Introduction This article is the next in the LINQ series to make the learning easy for beginners to get a clear understanding of the concepts.I have seen young developers and students that are very confused about LINQ and XML.This article will help them to understand and leverage their knowledge and to learn the advanced features later.If you are new to LINQ then please have a look at the basic articles for LINQ.

You can access data in the repository in the following ways (see Figure 1-1): Relational databases are traditionally poor at managing hierarchical structures and traversing a path or a URL.For example, a book is not easily represented as a set of rows in a table.It might be more natural to represent a book as a hierarchy, book — chapter — section — paragraph, and to represent the hierarchy as a set of folders and subfolders.The following are a few of them to explain the functional construction of XML.The preceding example has hard-coded values just to explain how the functional construction works.

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